A Christmas Wedding

Are you getting married in December and wondering how to add some Christmas music to your playlist?

Some of the best ways to add some christmas spirit to your wedding would be through cocktail hour and dinner time. For cocktail hour, your guests want to talk with each other; the louder we make the music, the louder they will talk over it! So typically the music will be at a low volume and in the background. A good choice for cocktail hour would be some jazz and classical renditions of christmas songs; this creates a warm atmosphere, and lets your guests mingle without having to fight the music. Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Dean Martin; these guys are usually a staple in the soundtrack of a good dinner set. Now is your chance to swap in some of the christmas classics sung by some of these great artists! Another approach by our clients is mixing in current popular artist versions of christmas songs. Country artists may do a special acoustic version, which is always a great element to setting the mood.

Want to end the night in a way that your guest’s will not forget? Consider making your last song (or last dance) “All I Want for Christmas With You” by Mariah Carey. This is a great way to share a fun dance with your new husband/wife, and it gives your guests a chance to join in on the fun!