DJ Joshua Wiseman

As President and Founder of FCW, Josh has raised the bar setting a new standard in the wedding industry. His model is simple. Don’t just be another vendor, but a contributing partner throughout your entire wedding planning process. As an award winning professional, DJ Joshua Wiseman has performed at countless weddings with years of experience being a favored choice by clients. Josh’s knowledge to music and style combined with his “night life” beat-mixing skills is what makes his weddings exceptional, being a true entertainment specialist. DJ Joshua Wiseman’s Is nationally recognized for being the only Boston-area DJ/MC hired by producers of the Oprah Winfrey Network’s hit TV show “Don’t Tell The Bride” to come and perform in front of a nation-wide audience!

DJ Joshua Wiseman

DJ Anthony Arone

First Class Weddings DJ Anthony Arone is the rock to FCW, being a big factor to our success as a wedding company. Anthony’s magnetic personality creates a positive synergy for all to endure; this is why client’s fall in love with him the second they sit down to talk weddings. For Anthony, it’s important he gets to know his clients and their vision. He is attentive to every detail, which allows him to provide his expert advice, bringing all of that and more to your wedding day! Come wedding day, Anthony will make sure all of your formalities are carried out seamless in transition while working side by side with your vendors.

DJ Andres Sanchez

Ever since Andres could remember, he was creating custom beats and selling mixes to his peers in high school. This foundation has led him to be one of Boston’s Top DJ performers in the Latin World for over 10 years! Hiring a Bilingual Wedding DJ has its perks, his ability to emcee a Spanish-American wedding with seamless language transitions is flawless. All of your family and friends can now enjoy your amazing wedding day moments without any language barriers.

DJ Mike Espo

First Class Weddings DJ Mike Espo grew up in a family who shared a passion for music, since his dad was a wedding DJ himself. DJ Mike Espo has experience working as a troubleshooting “Genius” at an Apple store. Hiring a DJ who is also a computer expert is an extra perk, since most top-level DJs use computer-based music systems. Since Mike is planning a wedding of his own, he understands it can be stressful. With DJ Mike Espo and his high levels of energy, keeping that dance floor packed and delivering a flawless performance is a given! “Lets bring planning a wedding back to being fun and easy!” ME

DJ Mike Pardi

Get ready for First Class Weddings veteran star DJ Mike Pardi who has been performing at weddings for over 15+ years! Mike always brings an impressive music lineup to every wedding, making those “cookie cutter DJ’s” just look obsolete. With experience comes perseverance and DJ Mike Pardi holds the ability to adapt to almost any situation. Using tasteful interaction at times when needed, Mike is truly a master of wedding entertainment. DJ Mike Pardi is a pro when it comes to specialty weddings including Italian and Greek music.

DJ Mark MacTaggart

First Class Weddings DJ Mark MacTaggart is not only one of our talented entertainers here at FCW, but he is also our Studio Division Leader. Mark is a recent graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, graduating with a degree in Music Production & Engineering. Working full-time out of his custom designed production studio, he has had great success with his endeavor; most recently having several of his works picked up on major TV Networks (“Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, “Million Dollar Listing”, and many more). His impressive resume in combination with his gift of having a “musicians ear” creates a one-of-a-kind product for his clients. With minimal chatter on the microphone, his primary focus is your crowd and a cutting edge music selection, creating the performance for an epic wedding! DJ Mark MacTaggart produces all of FCW’s mashups, custom remixes, and voice overs; bringing weddings to whole different level.

DJ Kenny Powers

Our newest member to the First Class Weddings Family! Kenny is a natural and will entertain your crowd with pure energy and charisma. With family involved in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, Kenny has been saturated with decades of great music and has a natural ability to read a crowd to keep your dance floor packed all night. Being a member of the United States Army, Kenny is someone who is authentic and proven to be reliable, committed, and a team player come your wedding day when working with all of your wedding vendors. DJ Kenny Powers is a great choice if planning a Military Wedding!

DJ Alex Martino

Alex provides a fresh new look for FCW. With years experience in the night life and private events, he has been high in demand since making his debut into the wedding world back in 2014. Being cousin’s with FCW Veteran Anthony Arone, Alex grew up with music “culture” and learned the mastery on packing a dance floor all night long. For couples looking for a cutting edge, young, charismatic wedding entertainer, look no further!

DJ Alex Martino

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