DJ Martin G provides FCW with a fresh look and high energy. Martin’s passion and dedication for music is visible when he steps on the mic and hits play! He grew up being around music his entire life. Having an uncle in a wedding band, Martin was given the experience of learning about music and weddings at a very young age. He is very versatile from every event, connecting with his couples and their vision! Martin is always on top of new music and constantly finding new ways to make sure your crowd has an amazing and memorable experience!


  • Foxwoods round 1 great success back again for round 2 tonight 🙌🏽 recoup time my friends > yours @mikepardi @domlibrandi @jasmynanja
  • 2019 can’t seem to find my pants they’re invisible 😯
  • 2019 I’m my own motivation never realized how much motivation I had when I was eating healthy and staying active. So if you see me djing somewhere please don’t buy me anymore shots or drinks 😯😂 #bringbackdreamfit
  • What’s up you chooch @jayphysiq
  • Check out my white teeth in this picture 😁
  • Join the crew tomorrow for brunch and friends 🍱👨‍👨‍👧‍👦@222boston and join me tonight for a lit ass time at @222nightlife!🔥 tables sold out get there early to skip the line 😯 we’re ripping it up till 2AM. Yes I still refuse to smile in pictures