DJ Steve Daly is a true hardworking entertainer. Coming from a large family who grew up listening to all genres of music, Steve appreciates the classics just as much as the current Top 40. He is extremely family oriented, making his couples and guests feel comfortable and at ease throughout the planning process. He is a self taught DJ who took pride and dedication to his musical career, investing time to learn from colleagues to quickly become the best of the best! His introducations are flawless and confident, allowing for a perfect kick off for an amazing and memorable evening!


We would highly recommend DJ Steve Daly from FCW! The week before our wedding we met with Steve and he made us feel at ease and like there was absolutely nothing to worry about. He gave great recommendations and was very flexible and easy to work with. At the wedding Steve was calm and had everything under control. He played a great mix of music which had the entire crowd on the dance floor the whole night. Our guests felt comfortable approaching him and he played all their requests. He definitely helped set the tone and made sure everyone had a great time.



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