DJ Steve Daly is a true hardworking entertainer. Coming from a large family who grew up listening to all genres of music, Steve appreciates the classics just as much as the current Top 40. He is extremely family oriented, making his couples and guests feel comfortable and at ease throughout the planning process. He is a self taught DJ who took pride and dedication to his musical career, investing time to learn from colleagues to quickly become the best of the best! His introducations are flawless and confident, allowing for a perfect kick off for an amazing and memorable evening!


  • Happy Birthday to my #1 😘 @k_hogan
  • Nothing compares to a weekend in Saratoga - 91st Running of The Whitney 🏇🏼💰🏇🏼
  • Congrats to the new Mr & Mrs Ragucci #djdales #webringtheparty
  • Tonight @ Anthony’s in Malden for Nico’s HighSchool Graduation Party from MC #djdales #webringtheparty
  • Tonight- Spinelli’s in Lynnfield for the Graduation of Zach from Malden Catholic #djdales #webringtheparty
  • Graduation season underway..first stop Point of Pines Yacht Club in Revere - Congrats to James from Revere High School #djdales #webringtheparty