As a young professional with years experience in the wedding industry, Josh London has labeled himself as a first class storyteller by capturing bride’s timeless moments. Photographing in four countries, couples around the world call on Josh for his talents and film. His style is unique with a sharp, clean, and clear photo. Josh’s passion is award winning and has found himself on the cover of numerous magazines! Click the galleries below to see Josh’s work!

“When photographing people it’s a team game, and I’ll work with you to make your dreams come true” - Josh London



Reliable and easy to work with! Photographer Josh London and Videographer Marco Corrado were such a pleasure! From cramming them in the limo with all the bridesmaids, to driving them around the island looking for the perfect spot, to calling them over for every special moment throughout the evening, these guys had such enthusiasm, professionalism and patience! And we are very pleased with what we've received so far!

Ariana and Mike

We had DJ Mike Pardi for our wedding reception on October 1st and he was absolutely amazing! Josh actually recommended him for us because he knew just from
one meeting with us that Mike would be the perfect DJ for us and he was 100% right! He is just an all around great guy and his DJ skills are on point! He played everything we requested and more! Great song choices, the way he did the centerpiece give away was awesome he got the guests up on their feet and having so much fun! He made my crazy Italian family very happy especially will the great Italian music he had going for us! All the guests kept coming up to me telling me how much fun they had at my wedding. We all had a blast and that was because we chose the best DJ- Mike Pardi and FCW!! We also had Josh London for a photographer and he was absolutely amazing as well! He is such a nice guy, very patient and was there at every big moment to catch the shot! I never had to go looking for him to ask him to take a picture of something I really wanted because he was already there catching all those awesome shots and special moments! Josh Weisman is also an awesome guy. As soon as we met and talked with Josh and Josh London we knew FCW was the right fit for us! They are the best!! Going to recommend DJ Mike Pardi, Josh London and FCW to everyone I know!! Thank you FCW for making our special day amazing!

Melina and Ruggiero

We selected First Class Weddings for our wedding and couldn’t of been happier. We selected the group package for DJ, Photography and uplighting. DJ Mike Pardi was amazing to work with. His fun, enthusiastic attitude helped ease all of our worries for our wedding day. He was spot on with his suggestions and kept everyone on the dance floor all night. Everyone still compliments us on how much fun they had at our wedding. Josh London was the sweetest and is so professional. Making sure you capture all of the right pictures and moments can be stressful, but he was thoughtful enough to keep asking how I was doing and if there is anything else I would like to capture before the reception. They make sure to schedule a time to specifically go over everything before your wedding day to deliever an exceptional service, and that is exactly what they did. I’m so happy I selected them to be part of my special day. I’ll never forget how special they made it!!



  • Peru 🇵🇪... so many stunning views. This is from the Incan ruin site of Pisac. . . . . #pisac #peru #inca #cusco #travelphotography #travelphoto #wander #wanderlust #travelphotographer #landscapephotography #view #views #photooftheday #southamerica #iphoneography #incaruins #mountains #landscape
  • Behold, 16,500 feet. Woke up at 3 am to reach the peak of Mt. Winikunka aka “Rainbow Mountain” around 9:30 this morning. It wasn’t very Rainbowy because it was covered by snow, but google it for a better idea of what it looks like. I was so close to the sun, my face is red. . . . . #travelling #peru #mountains #winikunka #rainbowmountain #travelphotography #travel #southamerica #trek #hike #elevation #wander #wanderlust
  • View from the highest point atop the Ollantaytambo ruins in the Sacred Valley outside of Cusco, Peru. . . . . #ollantaytambo #ruins #sacredvalley #peru #cusco #inka #landscapephotography #travel #travelphotography #wanderlust #wander #earth #sacred #reallife #mountains #valley #photography #photooftheday #iphoneography
  • Cusco is beautiful. What I like most about it is that it’s a very quiet place, Lots happening but not a lot of noise. Papa likes his peace and quiet. . . . . #cusco #peru #travel #travelphotography #southamerica #inca #wanderlust #wander #photography #color #iphoneography #photooftheday #art #muralart #mural #travelblogger #travelling
  • So this also happened today. I was warmly welcomed to the jungle! I happened to be here in #iquitos during the festival. They just go ham with colors and water balloons, as usual I was the only gringo willing to go deep! It was a blast! I was worried about my camera, but they weren’t, no harm no foul! The lesson is ... never be afraid! Travel, take risks, live your life to the fullest!! There are so many memories waiting to be made.. if you only have the juevos to make them. People are the same all across the globe. They just want to eat, sleep, and party! . . . . #iquitos #peru #southamerica #travel #wander #wanderlust #travelling #travelsouthamerica #selfie #party #purple #life #people
  • Met George “not George Bush” and his cat Josh today. Took an impromptu tour of the floating city. He showed me the market, I met his mother, and then he got mad when I didn’t pay him enough. #typicalsunday. Turns out this weekend is the festival weekend here in Iquitos, that’s why George is purple. I picked a good weekend to be here. . . . . #travel #traveling #peru #iquitos #southamerica #floatingcity #boatlife #wander #wanderlust #travelphotography